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Before I say anything, I must let you guys know that I love you all, each and every one of you, so much. During my time on this RP, I’ve gotten to know all of you better and love you more and more every passing day as you brought so much happiness to my life. I know some of you better than others, and that’s all because of how selective Scorpius is when it comes to company. But I still love you all.

Nonetheless, when there are too many things at hand, choices must be made and certain things have to be sacrificed. And although I love this roleplay so very much, it is one of those things that I have to let go.

 I came here around September; it was the beginning of an academic year that I knew was going to be stressful. I had several SAT tests booked and a lot of things to do. On top of all that, I was planning to give up on writing because I never had the ability to stick to my projects and because I started to feel as though my characters are always amoeba-like and that I haven’t enough talent or time to develop them.

 Yet, I came here and I wrote and wrote and wrote. I remember that in my first few months here, Samantha and I would sit here and para for quite a long time. I sometimes even stayed up until 3 Am and did not care that I had school two hours later or that I wouldn’t get  enough sleep because I was having fun developing ideas and exploring new areas of writing and seeing such a huge variety of characters.

 But we still have so many characters, right? Even more than we had back in those old days? So what’s changed for me?

 I RP to improve my writing, to keep on writing, and to become more skillful with character development, which has always been my biggest obstacle. When we used to para, I got to see how the mind of each character worked and their motive for doing a certain thing or saying a specific thing. And, to be honest, that helped me a lot! That gave me confidence to join NanoWriMo in November and write, and now again in Camp Nano.

 Although I believe I’ve improved a lot, I still think there’s still a lot more for me to learn. And the only way I’ll learn is through practice. Nonetheless, with the notoriety of OLs nowadays around here, it’s very hard for me to get that practice. Besides that, Scorpius is an introvert who doesn’t really say much yet has a very loud and talkative brain. But since the OL era, I’ve had to make him more talkative in order to have him express himself properly, and that’s just not the Scorpius that I spent months developing.

 This is the first RP I’ve ever joined. I never RPed before and I am still to RP something other than Harry Potter Next-Gen. And I’ve had a great first experience here, one that I will always brag about in the future. More importantly, I’ve got to meet some wonderful people I wouldn’t have met otherwise. People whose mere existence taught me new things.

 Therefore, I’m so thankful for all the fun you guys helped me have and for the escape you’ve given me from the junior-year stress, or the roughest part of it at least. And I’m so incredibly sorry that I have to leave. I will miss you all more that you could probably imagine.

 With that said, our acquaintance does not have to end here. The account is staying since I can’t bear to delete my baby boy, Scorpius, and I’ll log in every now and then and stalk you all. Also, you can message me on my personal, which I’m trying to get on more often.


I will miss you all so much, and, once again, thanks for this wonderful and truly magical experience. It has been such a great pleasure for me to get to meet you all and spend so much time with you.



    alle-shadow replied to your post: You’re always going to be in my future, right?

No reason. How’ve you been Scorpy? Did you get my presents?

I have been getting along, I suppose. Not quite eager for the first few weeks of summer since I’ll be working, but I’m looking ahead for the trip afterwards.And yes, actually, I have got your presents. Thank you for that. I especially liked the bow ties; I suppose they will make me look smart -not that I really need help with that. And the house; I actually remember it. You can come hide in it in my office when you’re trying to escape from work duties. 

You're always going to be in my future, right?

Yes, I suppose so. Unless you decide to kill me or something as such. Why do you ask?